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Kaspersky rescue disks – You need one of these


I got a good comment from Ben Jones in response to my security shield 2011 post.  In it he says that in order to get rid of a viruses he uses a Kaspersky rescue disk.  Well I searched for the above and found the tool that Ben mentions.  I downloaded it and burnt it to a cd using imgburn or you can use whatever cd/dvd burning suite you have.

This tool is great.  If for some reason you can’t boot your computer, this’ll allow you to boot it, retrieve any files you have on it (so no valued photos lost forever) and it will also clean it using Kaspersky latest virus Database!  All for Free.  I’m assuming it’s a linux variant that has been personalised by Kaspersky with great tools as this was how you’d previously boot a compromised machine.

In conclusion.  If you own a Windows computer you need one of these, it might just save your on-line, non-backed up life.  The instructions are easy to follow from the Kaspersky download site, so do yourself a favour and do it now.

Thanks Ben!


Kaspersky rescue disk download site

Plural of virus is not viri apparently!

imgburn download site


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