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Some good free unix pdfs and docs


I recently joined a linkedIn group called shell scripting enthusiasts and on the forum one of the members linked to a page on his site where he had amalgamated a number of documents to do with *nix and scripting. I’m a firm believer in having a good book handy when you are doing something.

At the moment on my desk I have a book I can’t live without unix in a nutshell the amount of unix problems this has gotten me out makes this invaluable. Everytime I pick it up and browse through it I find something I didn’t know before.

Another book I have on my desk and constantly reference is Expert Shell Scripting by apress. What I like about this book is that it teaches a structured approach to shell scripting and uses worked examples and source code. What is even better is that the examples it uses are for sys admin scripts that you can actually use.

Anyway now I have to think about whether it is worth my money to buy a secondhand e-reader (don’t want to add to the waste stream don’t you know) to put some of these books on to peruse. I’ve heard that e-readers aren’t great for reference books as nothing beats putting a post it on your favourite page and just picking it out instantly. Anyway something to muse whilst I do some out of hours work.


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